Abundant Table

Posted on July 03, 2015 by Leslie Haight

I just LOVE this name - Abundant Table.  It reminds me of friends and family gathered around for a special event - Thanksgiving, a Fourth of July picnic, a Christmas open house.

Abundant Table is actually a wonderful shop located in Fredericksburg, Texas offering grass fed meats, fresh milk, raw honey, nitrite free bacon (yum!) and so many more organic selections.  It certainly lives up to its memorable name.

In addition, Abundant Table carries DARLING kitchenwares that are sustainably made and simply unique.  I walked inside and had to have everything!

I was so delighted when Abundant Table asked us to create custom boards for their shop.  Using professional quality BOOS boards, they envisioned designs which are not only perfect for the epicurean, but also for the quintessential hostess. 

Available exclusively at www.abundant-table.com.

Personalized Boos Cutting Board | The Quintessential Hostess

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