Welcome to the Quintessential Hostess

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Leslie Haight

Jeff and I are so pleased that you stopped by to check out The Quintessential Hostess.  We have been making hostess gifts and business gifts for over a year and business has been amazing!  While we have done little to no marketing, our products seem to sell through buzz and word of mouth.  We are blessed to have so many repeat customers that refer to us as their "go to source" for closing gifts, wedding presents and corporate gifts. 

After a year of getting our feet wet and getting it right (we shipped over 5,000 cutting boards!), we decided to launch our website, www.theqh.com (because thequintessentialhostess is too darned hard to type).  Jumping in with both feet, we will be adding new gift ideas and darling designs to our products line up.

On our little blog, you will find not only info about new designs and products, but more importantly, new and interesting gift ideas (not just the stuff we sell), as well as super yummy recipes and inspiring hostess tips because, after all, this the The Quintessential Hostess.


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