We make every effort to help ensure safe delivery. If an item arrives damaged, please email us within 48hrs of receiving the package including an image of the damaged item. Your item will be replaced asap.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOU ARE BUYING A NATURAL WOOD PRODUCT! Our products are locally milled and we use a variety of woods. As wood is a natural product, it often has varied coloration as well as imperfections. We do try to limit any imperfections, but they do occur no matter how hard we try. We cannot refund or replace a piece because it isn't "perfect" as perfection is hard to find in natural products such as wood. We cannot refund or replace an item because it has a streak of a different color, or is lighter or darker than the one listed in the listing. Every item, including the one in the listing pictures are all unique, therefore, they will vary. The wood comes from trees of varying ages, therefore, different colors.

Refunds or replacements will be offered for these purposes only:
1- The wood was damaged.
2- We engraved the wrong design into your item.
3- We gave you the wrong item.

Personalization Accuracy:
It is important that the customer make sure the personalization details are as wanted AT THE TIME OF ORDER. If a date is wrong or a name is misspelled, we will not replace the item. The customer will have to buy another item to replace the incorrect one.

Change of Personalization:  Depending on our production schedule, your order may be made immediately or within 2 weeks.  You can request a change of personalization here, however, there is no guarantee that your change request will be seen on time for production.  Returns cannot be accepted for changed personalization.

Care of the Wood:
We encourage you to read over the care instructions given with your product, if applicable. We cannot refund or replace a product because of improper care. If you were given the item as a gift, and the giver did not include the care instructions with your board, please contact us and we can email them to you.

Change of Address: see shipping

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